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Congress Program

20 may, 2011. Friday
1st Congress Day
14:00 - 15:30
Plenary Session III

Chairman: F. Vermeulen (Belgium)
J.C. Schoevaerdts (Belgium)
M. Zembala (Poland)

with active participation of ESCVS Presidents:  
P. Biglioli, A. Dinis da Gamma C. Dzsinich, G. Deriu, E. Kieffer,
J.C. Schoevaerdts, S. Schueler, F.Vermeulen, M. Zembala

Surgical decisions; experience based medicine and evidence based medicine
G. Deriu (Italy)

The impact of high costs of high technologic medicine in the healthcare                
C. Dzsinich  (Hungary)

The problems of training cardiovascular surgeons
S. Schueler (UK)

Team work as a future of cardiovascular surgery in the era of endovascular procedures                          
M. Thielmann (Germany)

All lectures: 15’+5’

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